Organisation’s activity:

* Woman and gender equality * Woman and peacebuilding * Woman and non-violent society * Work with youth

Who we are:

We are a group of women- internally displaced people (IDPs) who come together to establish a women’s non-governmental organisation in Kutaisi, Western Georgia in October, 1997. Our group was created after the Georgian population had to flee Abkhazia as a result of the armed conflict in 1992-1993.

Our organisational mission:

Development of women’s activity through educational, legal, economic, social, cultural activities to increase women’s role in building a democratic society in Georgia, in the peaceful resolution of the conflict in Abkhazia, and achieving economic independence

Polish experience at the workshop

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Voting Advise Application VAA - What Is It? What meaning does it have? How does it work? What is its European model? How to introduce this model in Georgia?

The online workshop for the staff of the Fund “Sukhumi” was dedicated to these issues.

This project is supported by the Visegrad Fund and therefore the Visegrad countries are meant in the essence of European Experience.

This time the European model was presented on the example of Poland. Dr. Katarzyna Zielińska (Institute of Sociology) spoke about this with an overview of specific e-pages.

She familiarized the participants of the workshop to Poland's experience in integrating VAA (Voting Advise Application) and its results, as well as practical tools for disseminating VAA through media and online platforms, and how the population was involved in the process. Participants noted the difficulties that may accompany the introduction of this system in Georgia, but it is clear that political parties and voters will understand the urgency, importance and goodness of this model as a result of the right informational campaign.

The work is being carried out with the support of the Visegrad Fund in the framework of the project “Online Vote-O-Meter for 2020 Georgian Parliamentary Elections”.

The project is implemented with the support  of the Visegrad Fund

Beginning of cooperation with political parties

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“Online Vote-O-Meter for 2020 Georgian Parliamentary Elections” - This project of the Fund “Sukhumi” envisages the creation of the first online voting system in Georgia - to inform voters before the elections. Due to the state of emergency, the organization is actively working online.

The staff of the Fund informed the representatives of the political parties about the project and the possibility of joining it, which aroused their interest. The parties expressed their desire to cooperate. The organization continues to work in this direction.

The project is implemented with the support  of the Visegrad Fund

Changes in project activity

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The project “Online Vote-O-Meter for 2020 Georgian Parliamentary Elections” was well thought out and planned from the very beginning. The state of emergency regarding the Covid-19 virus has made this project even more urgent, but there have also been obstacles.

During the online meetings the project participants are looking for new ways to make the project more successful. During the ordinary meeting, the following issues related to the introduction of the online platform "Voter Advice Application" were discussed: to conduct a training by a Polish trainer - this time online; They online work will be started with political parties - they will be informed about the introduction of application and the needs identified in pandemic situation.

During the meeting, special attention  was paid to preparation of the video - the animation will show the voters the essence of the online platform, its importance for a successful choice and will give proper instructions.

The project is implemented with the support  of the Visegrad Fund

the questionnaire for Voter Advice Application”

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Our organization is planning to represent a successful European model – online platform “Voter Advice Application” to raise the voters` awareness before the elections. “Voter Advice Application” implies the creation of the online platform. By answering the application questions, the citizens will be enabled to get acquainted with the position of political entities. It will help the voter to identify the political entity close to his/her views and to make an informed and reasonable choice.

Despite the emergency state in the country caused by Covid-19, Fund “Sukhumi” continues implementation of the project "Online Vote-O-Meter for 2020 Georgian Parliamentary Elections" supported by Visegrad International Fund.

At the given stage, the questionnaire is being worked out. It will imply different acute issued, including those caused by Covid-19. Through the distance work, the influence made on society by the virus has been studied. In the monitoring framework, more than 300 respondents have been questioned.

The project is implemented with the support  of the Visegrad Fund

An advocacy strategy of the project

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Despite state of Emergencies declared in Georgia due to the Covid-19 virus, the Fund “Sukhumi” continues implementation of the project "Online Voice Electronic Counter for Parliamentary Elections 2020" supported by the International Visegrad Fund.

The project team switched to online-work mode. An advocacy strategy was developed, which outlines detailed ways and approaches for cooperation with political parties, as well as a specific action plan for informing citizens about the “online Voting Meter” enhancing their electoral activity.

In response to the current challenges, the advocacy strategy sets out an action plan for online/distant cooperation with political parties and citizens, defines specific state institutions, decision makers, civil society representatives with whom Fund Sukhumi will actively cooperate and pursue achievement of the project goals and objectives – raising awareness of citizens in electoral process and programs/platforms of political parties and to the best possible extent ensure their participation in the 2020 parliamentary elections.

The project is implemented with the support  of the Visegrad Fund