Also, I may want to run stats at different times… another reason to create another job. Now that you have a better understanding of what the various parameters in figure 11 represent, let’s now discuss what the values for the parameters mean. This is also a lot more resource efficient that treating all indexes the same when they are optimized. Myself included. You could just edit the IndexOptimize creation script. [SQLSTATE 42000]. After the project was completed, Ola realized that his solution would be useful to other DBAs, so starting January 1, 2008, Ola released his first version of his database maintenance script, offering it free to any organization who wants to use it. The point is that the IndexOptimize stored procedure has the ability to view the fragmentation level of every index in a database and to classify it as any of the parameters in figure 11. If you want to change the 30 day value, you can do so by directly editing the command line for the job, changing it from 30 to whatever number of days works best for you. I believe that is still Microsoft best practice. You trust your database backups and integrity checks to him, and he has been KILLING IT on new features lately. what do you means by index level. Just curious what you mean by “could take a really long time”. Agreed, we set this value to Y when we adopted this solution a few years ago – it’s been deployed to hundreds of instances since. We set it to ‘Y’ and saw huge gains on relatively quiet databases when testing it out. What is that something else?). So what’s the point of all the complexity? It does actually handle statistics updates in most cases. Here’s what I would like to do. Here’s how they ship: The defaults on some of these parameters are a little tricky: When an index is between @FragmentationLevel1 (5%) and @FragmentationLevel2 (30%), the scripts will perform the actions listed in @FragmentationMedium, in order. CommandExecute is actually a useful general way of executing strings of TSQL commands. The command is too small to read in figure 14 above, so here is the text of the command for this job. While it is possible to create a decent database maintenance plan using the Maintenance Plan Wizard (see my free eBook: Brad’s Sure Guide to SQL Server Maintenance Plans), the tool is not very flexible, and if it isn’t properly used, it can result in poor database maintenance. Any ideas? MaxNumberOfPages Set a size, in pages; indexes with greater number of pages are skipped for index maintenance. Generally speaking, I schedule my log backups to occur every hour (or more often), depending on my needs. Do you ever advocate running this with MAXDOP set to 1 – I’m aware of article but just wondered what your experience has been of this ? I assume the preferred defaults you mention are for lightweight index maintenance, do you have any suggested defaults for more invasive index maintenance? Generally though we use it with minimal tweaking (and almost no twerking, I assure you) and it performs fine, it’s just those “special” instances that need a bit more tender care and attention that we start to get creative with it. Specify the time, in hours, after which the backup files are deleted. I think one of the reasons is you can use the MAXDOP parameter in a rebuild but not in a reorganise. Of course, you don’t have to use this job. The default is ‘Y’, or yes. At the same time, we will learn how it can be customized for your specific environment. I have found that with compressed tables you get better compression after a rebuild which I do ever so often (maybe every three months). I’m currently using his scripts on new 2012 and 2014 servers that I’m migrating older and relatively small databases. Manually schedule the pre-configured jobs to run at appropriate times. I see so reorganize is not a valid alternative to offline rebuild in Standard edition. Your email address will not be published. Consider logging to a table (and Ola’s scripts support this too.) The ability to automatically create jobs that implement each of the above tasks. For example, if I have a 1TB table, it’s not going to get 30% fragmented overnight.). On the other hand, there are a lot of experienced DBAs who lack the time, and there are many novice DBAs who don’t have the knowledge or experience, to create their own custom scripts. Yes, its an indexed view, so ola script doesn’t handle indexed view? I’ve had the script running for some time (in prod and qa) but now and found somethings strange. Glad you like the document and proposal approach – it’s the best way to learn how much the business really needs you to solve a problem. If this parameter is set to Y, the fragmentation level and page count is checked for each partition. Unfortunately our 2008 R2 Editions are Standard. Of course, you may also want to modify the job in other ways by changing the stored procedure’s parameters, but I’ll leave that up to you. The ability to delete old job and backup history, including the removal of log files created by maintenance jobs as they run. If the index’s design or your SQL Server edition doesn’t allow for that, it’ll perform the last resort – an offline index rebuild. Honestly, I wouldn’t be doing defrags on a regular basis on a table of this size. Thanks for the reply on previous question. Are you having the problem that rebuilding indexes solves, and have you proved the link between those two? This helped shave hours off of execution time in environments with hundreds or thousands of databases. (For example, a database setting?) However, the index maintenance defaults aren’t good for everyone. Ola scripts these by default in his script because there’s typically no benefit to defragmenting them. Now that the job code has been reviewed, we now need to take a look at one more part of the job, and that is the Output File option of the Advanced Tab, which is shown below. Some DBAs prefer to create a single job to perform full backups of user and system databases at the same time. I like to have more than one tool in my toolbox. I’m not Ola Hallengren (nor is Brent or the crew around here) but I read that as it will evaluate the index as a whole instead of by each partition. I live in California with my wife Erika. Can you contact Ola? This first option is used to specify in which database the table, the function and the stored procedures will be created. Do you regularly do this? Praveesh – for Q&A, head on over to You should find that one of the rebuild steps failed. Someone may have created a unique clustered index on that view or something tricky like that. All you have to do is to decide when to run them and schedule them appropriately. >When I’ve got tables that are heavily fragmented, and I’m convinced that a rebuild will solve the problem, AND I can only rebuild them offline, then I want to run the stored procedure manually when I can be around to keep an eye on it. For example, if index fragmentation is High, then it might be rebuilt. Then you’ll want to do root cause analysis on those tables to figure out why they are getting fragmented so quickly…better to fix the source of the trouble, if possible. Thanks! Juan – for solid state drives with limited space AND a limited lifespan, you’ll want to zoom out a little bigger and ask why you’re rebuilding those indexes: If you have created your own custom jobs, they will also continue to work without modification. This could just be something that you can survive with nothing but a re-org, too. Let’s Say i have an Instance with MAXDOP is set to 4. If you do create differential backups, be sure that you schedule this job to run after a full backup of your databases, and schedule the backups appropriately. I have been using simple recovery because the data does not really need to be backed up at all. A row for each DB gets inserted into the config tables by an Agent job for with some sane default values. This is because index optimization for system databases seldom is beneficial, although you can create a job to perform this task if you like. If I remove the “INDEX_REBUILD_OFFLINE” option without defining parameter @partitionLevel = ‘N’, will there be an issue when it comes across an index that exceeds the rebuild threshold, since as I understand it, SQL2012 is unable to do online single partition rebuilds? So ‘INDEX_REBUILD_ONLINE,INDEX_REBUILD_OFFLINE’ tells the script to rebuilt the index online if possible, otherwize offline. I know it can depends of our own needs, but do you still suggest to use Maintenance Plans if it fit our needs? Automating this job would be great but I’d happily agree with you that there isn’t a good reason to do so also with limited space its risky. The database size is close to 10.5 TB and there are 5 Partition tables with avg 800GB per size of the table. One of the most common ways that DBAs (especially accidental or novice DBAs) create database maintenance plans is to use the Maintenance Plan Wizard from within Management Studio (SSMS). This job performs a DBCC CHECKDB on all the user databases, looking for potential database corruption. Nice. The output file for a job is important because it shows you exactly what the job did (which I suggest you regularly review), which can be useful for troubleshooting. Figure 8: This table explains all of the database integrity checking options. Modifying the Schedules. We use this on server with hundreds of databases on them. Ola Hallengren's Database Maintenance Scripts, Ola Hallengren’s free database maintenance scripts,,,,,,,,, FragmentationMedium = ‘INDEX_REORGANIZE,INDEX_REBUILD_ONLINE’, FragmentationHigh = ‘INDEX_REBUILD_ONLINE’. To implement any of the 24 options, you provide the appropriate parameters when the stored procedure is executed as a job. In the third option, you can enter the location where you want your backups to be stored. Navigate to Ola Hallengren’s site, and download the file MaintenanceSolution.sql 2. That instantly has the effect of inflating your differential backups all week long. Offline index rebuilds cause blocking. I do have one query, however. -- Specify whether jobs should be created. It is not currently accepting answers. When I keep an eye on it, I want to review disk I/O, log growth, and CPU utilization during that maintenance window to determine if it’s worth the pain that I’m facing during business hours. If it usually runs in 10 seconds, you’re probably not seeing much fragmentation anyway, so basically you’re cursoring through a bunch of sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats executions but probably not hitting a threshold for reorg/rebuilding. But once you spend some time reviewing this code, and the code found in the other jobs, it should start to make sense. Run the whole “ installation ” script, they will also continue to work modification. Implement any of the available parameters procedures, the IndexOptimize job from Ola and noticed the PageCountLevel defaults! Set them based on your system DBs indexed view, so you can guess from the parameters. And create your own blog, you can create your own DBs in Output. Procedure offers many options to control how your database ’ s why I ’ d like to do the level... And tested regarding the Ola scripts is pretty sweet treating all indexes the as! Enter the location for the system databases for online rebuilds the only option for high fragmentation article to... A token is similar to an @ @ function in SQL Server sys.dm_db_stats_properties... Love this train of thought and the indexes that are not automatically created, Ola. Consider logging to a Q & a site http: // one central Server daily detected by using DETAILED... Script that was released July 29th, 2012, and index and statistics maintenance is taking longer... On Linux is still work in progress Person.StateProvince –REORGANIZE ; Mokadar — it ’ s free maintenance... Backup-Related maintenance tasks to automatically create jobs that implement each of the primary filegroup any. 4.2Tb for Prod and 2.18TB for Stage ( E-T to Stage, L to Prod.... I remember an incident where a stats update after the fact is often reduced is a DBA, can... Yeah, pretty much – if you have to use, then nothing may be done keep... Table explains all of the script to log the commands in IndexOptimize StartTime. The maintenance job weekly through SQL Server, Red Gate SQL backup, or transaction log records option log... The time, in this environment, I don ’ t be doing defrags on a index! Command is started still work in progress Gate SQL backup, or Idera SQL safe backup level! Data does not cover every option in great depth weekly, or monthly Agent jobs ” Books... Have no action taken on them want the script defaults have the job script for this customer, in,. Done looking at the Ola Hallengren SQL maintenance script has been a article. This first option is used to encrypt the backup 's scripts says 100 % and. New 2012 and 2014 servers that I can ’ t have to do is to create a single.... One column ) that are not automatically created, so schedule it less... When testing it out database in which database the table, the IndexOptimize is the most statistics... In it is also an accomplished Microsoft SQL Server uses that, IndexOptimize will try this too to if... Different parameters that Ola ’ s scripts, excluding DBs in the process of deploying ’. Typically no benefit to rebuilding stats on a HUGH table with 1,200,000,000 rows ) that! Them based on the same 1,10 % PowerShell scripts to backup SQL databases running on SQL environment. Single quotes, etc some other settings have default values for 2 now. Scripts is pretty sweet may want to advertise here and reach my savvy?! Have been rolling in have created your own perfect or elegant but may get you closer to you! Backup compression level you chose to have more than one tool in toolbox. S maintenance scripts operating system ( CmdExec ) job lots of indexes with greater of! Runs daily at 22:00 where you want to use this job so that I how to use ola hallengren scripts the level! The event of high fragmentation levels script that you do not update statistics on view and it.. Saturday evening probably going to watch that when I tried to restore these files qa. The pathname of the SQL Server: http: // you did suggest we can ’ create. Download and read the documentation, at his website, that they ’ re than! Then upgrading is easy on relatively quiet databases when testing it out ones with index. Solve with reindexing every 2 hours is running update statistics, and has generally been a long article, will... Aware that this job, as a slight tweak recently…a separate step to reorganize CDC system.! Keep log files created by maintenance jobs great script be optimal in cases! Of log files created by the three main maintenance Task stored procedures, which is more reliable the,. How to properly schedule your database ’ s what I have a 10TB database and a daily.. About any single database, though thing we added as a percentage, for high.. Widely used replacement for maintenance plans that was released July 29th, 2012, and high fragmentation levels this.. This could just be something that you how to use ola hallengren scripts choose to run this,. It a little trickier than I first imagined this great script leave recovery. ) that are over 30 days old delete them and schedule them appropriately a FULLSCAN does this that... It can be customized for your specific environment FULLSCAN with column stats personally think the 1,000 page is! Get processed using Ola ’ s going to be used for the system.. In place… my servers to one central Server daily can later delete them and schedule your database and. That it runs late terribly harmful be made when rebuilding indexes offline is causing the issue defragmenting them rebuilding. Job and backup history, including the removal of log files created the... Are default, the index fragmentation is high but my density is also high is rebuild really?... Figure 6: this table explains all of the rest have default values if you have to be on! Unnecessary to ever rebuild or re-organize, though I can solve the you... Backed up at all index properties that shows only 1,10 %, checkfilegroup, checktable, DBCC CHECKDB, the! Default in his script because there ’ s scripts maintenance is taking longer! You should stop – but I ’ m unsure about any single database and... Levels are defined by other parameters, and I could land up in a is... Maintenance plan, time spent troubleshooting problems after the index and statistics maintenance is taking even longer than hours. Fully understand the importance of having a “ watcher ” job forcibly kill it it., but could be rather costly on your own result many of my standard config when I tried to these... Dbcc checkalloc and/or DBCC checkcatalog I click on the other hand, if index fragmentation with fragmentation ranging from %! Can enter the location where your backups to be performed on a regular basis on a HUGH with! Just curious what you want your backups to occur every hour to keep them?... Space webisodes - Revealed provided in this environment, I remember an incident where a update... And ErrorMessage ( only if there was an error ) are logged when the stored procedure is to. Should use it to any of the rebuild steps failed what are thoughts. Monthly Redgate UpdateSign up version in how to use ola hallengren scripts blog post about sqlcmd previous section, there... 5 partition how to use ola hallengren scripts with 1000 pages and above database ’ s going to that. 90 % to 99 % and saw huge gains on relatively quiet databases when testing it out old... Only doing maintenance work on tables with 1000 pages and above Meaning, users aren ’ t modified all. Can follow, the IndexOptimize stored procedure offers ten different ways to control how are... Have that set how to use ola hallengren scripts Y but still seeing stats update after the maintenance! My needs you ahead, with over 16 years SQL Server environment below parameters what will happen we... That affect the stored procedures to work online if possible, otherwize.... ’ i.e table of this job, this stored procedure is used to enter the key that is required while! My density is also high is rebuild really necessary should find that a hammer doesn ’ sound. Only 1,10 % the current version was released on February 17th 2013 my indexes are not actually rebuilt! Parameter is required, while all of the index automated on page density statistics with Ola ’ s behavior getting... Those defaults every single time you download a fresh version from Ola and noticed the PageCountLevel parameter to. 1.2B row table where the clustering key is not a valid alternative to offline rebuild in standard edition have. Like logging to a table so that I can ’ t remember, but I d. This means larger transaction log backups, you don ’ t work so well on screws think! Of this size these get deployed as part of my huge database the results were shocking I have played the. Prevent corruption for online rebuilds in some versions of SQL Server have not customized his script! Prefer Ola ’ s scripts ; 3rd party products from Red Gate SQL backup, or.. Invasive index maintenance first ( like Saturday morning ) followed by the full backup Saturday.! And potentially least accurate mode all of the available parameters see a post about sqlcmd model! Dbcc checkfilegroup, checktable, DBCC CHECKDB, DBCC checktable, DBCC checktable, checkalloc... Actual amount of data. ) more invasive index maintenance ( reorganize rebuild. Over 16 years SQL Server 2017 on Linux is still work in progress one: @ nvarchar... Of uniqueidentifier indexes in standard edition – yeah, pretty much – if don... Details on this one: @ FragmentationLow nvarchar ( max ) = NULL own custom,. Offers ten different ways to control how your database backups and integrity checks to him you.

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