Organisation’s activity:

* Woman and gender equality * Woman and peacebuilding * Woman and non-violent society * Work with youth

Who we are:

We are a group of women- internally displaced people (IDPs) who come together to establish a women’s non-governmental organisation in Kutaisi, Western Georgia in October, 1997. Our group was created after the Georgian population had to flee Abkhazia as a result of the armed conflict in 1992-1993.

Our organisational mission:

Development of women’s activity through educational, legal, economic, social, cultural activities to increase women’s role in building a democratic society in Georgia, in the peaceful resolution of the conflict in Abkhazia, and achieving economic independence

Policy documents about the experiences of Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic

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Experts from Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic have completed the work on policy documents, where they share the experiences of their countries on the formation and development of election system and involvement of citizens in the process.

The work is carried out in the framework of the project “Online Vote-O-Meter for 2020 Georgian Parliamentary Elections” with the support of the Visegrad International Foundation.

The project is implemented with the support  of the Visegrad Fund

Policy documents about the experiences of Georgia

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The project “Online Vote-O-Meter for 2020 Georgian Parliamentary Elections”, supported by Visegrad International Fund is ongoing.

The Georgian experts have finished to prepare the policy documents. One of the Policy documents analyses importance of political and public trust for stable development of Democracy in Georgia. The second policy document discusses the possible models of electoral systems for 2020 parliamentary elections proposed by the main political parties in Georgia.

The project is implemented with the support  of the Visegrad Fund

Two-day workshop in the Fund “Sukhumi”

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On November 24-25 a two-day workshop was conducted in the office of Fund “Sukhumi”, where experts from the Visegrad countries and Georgia talked about political situation in their countries, discussed attitudes of civil societies and political parties to online tools and outlined draft questions for the Online Vote-O-Meter for 2020 Georgian Parliamentary Elections. The event was successful and fruitful.

The project is implemented with the support  of the Visegrad Fund

Presentation of a new project

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The consultant of the Fund “Sukhumi” Benedict Ivanovs held a presentation of a new project for the staff. The project envisages introduction of the test version of online Vote-O-Meter system for 2020 parliamentary elections in Georgia. The meeting participants received detailed information about the application of the online Vote-O-Meter system.

The project is co-financed jointly with the governments of the Czech Republic,
 Hungary, Poland and Slovakia with the support of the Visegrad
grants of the International Visegrad Fund


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The project envisages the introduction of the first Online Vote-O-Meter for the 2020 Parliamentary Elections in Georgia.

This voting advice application will help to put informed discussions at the heart of the 2020 elections and the preceding campaign, making Georgia a more democratic and transparent society.

All political parties running in the election will be invited to give their opinion on a set of political statements.

Voters will then be able to answer the same statements for themselves. The underlying principle is simple. A series of questions is presented to the voter. The user then can “agree”, “disagree” or “agree halfway” on a given set of statements. The online system then works out the user's political proximity to the political parties. The result will help Georgian voters to find out which party they could vote for.

The project will be supported by a series of TV appearances, social media outlets and public debates.

Fund Sukhumi will be assisted by three partners from the Visegrad countries:

  1. Fundacja Feminoteka from Warsaw, PL -
  2. Gender Studies from Prague, CZ -
  3. The Department of Sociology of the Trnava University, SK -

The partners will help with designing an advocacy and online campaign strategy and the scientific background of the project.

Fund Sukhumi is a women-led NGO from Kutaisi, Georgia. The organization works towards a peaceful democratic society in Georgia and supports women-led activities, making women sustainable actors of peace.

The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.